Below are some of our up and coming special events and two hour workshops.


EVENT: Kirtan

August 23rd 7:30pm with Jyoti Kirpalani - £12

In this event we explore the yoga of sound with a Kirtan hosted by the lovely performer Jyoti Kirpalani.

Kirtan is a form of meditation using sacred sounds and word formulas. The word Kirtan has Vedic roots and it means "telling, narrating, describing”. It is a part of Bhakti Yoga or the yoga of devotion. Devotion means different things to different people. That might be God, nature, a religion or any practise that is sacred to you. Kirtan and chanting goes beyond all this and is a universal practice.

Chanting unifies those who share their sounds, creates internal peace, confidence and joy. It soothes restless minds, promotes clarity of focus and helps dissolve anger and anxiety. You don’t need to be a good singer to chant. This is not about giving a performance. 


WORKSHOP: Calisthenics

August 31st 2-4pm with Desiderio Malale - £25

Calisthenics is a discipline that incorporates movement and techniques from Yoga, Pilates, gymnastics and body weight training. With the ultimate aim to gain: strength, coordination and body awareness. In this two hour workshop you will be introduced to bodyweight exercises, core strength exercises, and functional movement.

The workshop will cater for all fitness levels from absolute beginners to those with more advanced knowledge of strength exercises.

Malale’s background in movement and body work is extensive from being a professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete, to a qualified personal trainer and massage therapist so you will be in safe hands.